If you are interested in discovering the advantages of moving to SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) B2B wholesale platform, here are 5 benefits to keep in mind!


Over the last couple of years, more and more companies have been replacing traditional B2B systems with SaaS platforms. As a matter of fact, the IDC or International Data Corporation reported in 2015 that the SaaS industry will escalate as high as $112.8 billion by 201.

The businesses are making the switch to Software-as-a-Service platforms for various reasons such as faster rollout times, lower overhead costs, more customized options, and etc. For large wholesale businesses, these platforms are easier to maintain and deploy instead of developing an on-site or traditional framework from scratch.

If you are interested in discovering the advantages of moving to SaaS B2B wholesale platform, here are 5 key benefits to keep in mind:

  1. Continuous innovations: The B2B wholesale platforms need to be more than just maintained and controlled by an in-house team. They demand innovation over its long-term deployment in order to stay efficient.
  2. Faster rollout timelines: Many B2B on-site frameworks confirm they can be rolled out within 3-6 months. These are minimum rollouts and they usually delay the development of the key features until the initial rollout. The SaaS platforms are faster to implement.
  3. Real-time and 24/7 effective customer support: Implementing a SaaS or Software-as-a-Service wholesale solution eliminates the troubles associated with managing a B2B wholesale framework. Instead of figuring out how to create your own team to manage the platform, the SaaS vendors provide an effective and real-time customer support for their users.
  4. Lower costs: One of the best advantateges of the SaaS B2B ecommerce platforms is that they are cost effective and can’t break your budget with extra or hidden fees. So, instead of trying to calculate the costs related to building an on-site B2B framework, these costs are included in the monthly or yearly fee you pay to the SaaS provider. The SaaS platforms are more cost-effective because the providers manage the entire framework.
  5. More customization: Every industry has its own goals, specifications, and requirements. Many companies are switching to SaaS platforms because they can choose the features they need for meeting their unique business goals.

To conclude – the SaaS B2B wholesale platforms are more cost-effective, boost efficiency, and save time. You can’t go wrong by choosing a B2B wholesale platform.