How to pick a B2B ecommerce platform? Here are 7 key features you should look out for when looking at top b2b platforms!


Some features and functions of online stores are similar, regardless of whether is a B2B or B2C online store. However, there are some that are different because selling to other companies is usually different from selling to consumers.

You, as a business owner, shouldn’t have to adapt your business procedures, processes or plans to fit with the functionality of the ecommerce solution. Instead, your new B2B ecommerce platform should meet the needs of your business.

In this article, we will present to you 7 key features that only powerful top b2b platforms have:

  1. Customer registration: This is an important feature for B2B ecommerce stores, however, it should also have a specific functionality that suits business that sells products to other businesses. We are talking about the ability to set different prices based on the contracts you have in place with groups of customers or individual customers.
  2. One-click reorder: Registered customers should be able to access their order history. They should also be able to reorder with just one click. This can save a lot of time and improve the shopping experience.
  3. Mobile responsive: More and more purchases from B2B stores are made on smartphones. The mobile devices are used in the research phase of the buying process. Your online store should look amazing on mobile screens.
  4. Flexible payments: Providing a flexible payment option is a recommendable feature for any online store, especially for B2B businesses. You should offer multiple methods of payment and your store should be flexible enough to accommodate those methods.
  5. Intuitive user experience; You will improve the appeal of your website if you make it as quick as possible to find your products and complete the purchasing process. The checkout process should be as simple and quick as possible.
  6. Real-time inventory updates: These updates will ensure your customers get accurate and true information. This will help you build trust in your company and improve your customer service. The real-time updates can also improve your inventory management,
  7. Marketing tools: It is important to market to your customers to cross sell, build loyalty, and win repeat orders. Your b2b ecommerce platform should make this one so easy.

Look for top b2b platforms that include these key features!